A London based journalist/commentator who worked extensively with various Arab media outlets, including:: Future Television of Lebanon and the London based Al Hayat newspaper as well as working with Targets/Leo Burnett, the Saudi arm of this global award winning advertising agency.

Since 2004 worked as the Media Editor of Asharq Al-Awsat, the London based international Arab Daily. Often quoted on issues relating to Arabic media in leading publications such as The International Herald Tribune, The Financial Times, The Times as well as Arab and interntional broadcasters such as BBC and Al Arabiya.

Also, regularly gives lectures on Arab media at top acadamic institutions, such as Sciences Po in France and S.O.A.S in London.


* All views expressed on this blog are completely independent of Asharq Al Awsat and are strictly belong to the publisher of this blog.


One Response to “Faisal Abbas”

  1. Faisal,
    Congratulations on the new blog which I’ll be linking to. If you would like to go on the Polis newsletter mailing list please got to our website http://www.polismedia.org and sign up,
    Charlie Beckett
    Polis, LSE

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